First Base

First base has many more complicated parts to it, then just catching a ball thrown to them!

A first basemen has to constantly be aware of his surroundings and his position on the field.

Too many first basemen get caught watching the game VS being part of it.

A first basemen’s first priority is to get the bag. Depending how the first basemen is on the bag waiting for the incoming throw, can decide the outcome to the finish of the play.

If your playing first base and your out of position, plan on chasing the ball down!

I will cover a couple more defense situations at first come summer!

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2 Responses to First Base

  1. Steven Myers says:

    sympathy for the first baseman!
    the few times i was ever asked to play there,
    it felt like rubbing my stomach and tapping my head
    while hopping on one foot
    all at the same time.

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