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First Base

First base has many more complicated parts to it, then just catching a ball thrown to them! A first basemen has to constantly be aware of his surroundings and his position on the field. Too many first basemen get caught watching the … Continue reading

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Correct Infield Position

Too often we see little leaguer’s not taking the correct approach to “getting ready” for fielding. These are my four most important! Their body is not in the correct stance for a quick reaction. They get “set” too soon, before the ball … Continue reading

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Control the Chaos

As coaches, we need to sneak in some “learning” fundamentals, while the kids are having fun. The best drill in my opinion is letting hitters hit off the T, while the others field it. I act as a pitcher for the slow … Continue reading

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Play of the year!

  Just after I was saying it was a hard day for a Twinz fan, I watch this. A little braggin’ rights And play of the year goes to………….

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