Ten Simple Rules Of Baseball

This was sent to me from a dad yesterday and I think its worth passin’ along!

Ten simple rules of baseball and life.
1. Acceptance of Responsibility – winners and losers part company here
2. Loyalty
3. Class – winning and losing
4. Control what you can control – on and off the field: Attitude – Effort – Preparation
5. Synergism – team chemistry; the total is greater than the sum of it’s parts
6. Heightened Program Awareness – Every person in and around the program matters
7. Transferable Trust – Confidence
8. Everything Counts
9. Body Language – that says you do or do not belong
10. Kaizin – continuous improvement, every day, in small increments
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2 Responses to Ten Simple Rules Of Baseball

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Don’t forget superstition…it’s a huge part of baseball!

    • Money says:

      I do believe thats huge!

      Players need to take the same approach to every game, every at bat, and every pitch… Ritual, superstition whatever you call it, just make sure your CONSISTANT. good point!

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