Correct Infield Position

Too often we see little leaguer’s not taking the correct approach to “getting ready” for fielding.

These are my four most important!

  1. Their body is not in the correct stance for a quick reaction.
  2. They get “set” too soon, before the ball is pitched
  3. The don’t move after each pitch ( they stay frozen).
  4. They don’t think about “what do I do, if it’s hit to me”

All of these factors can cause multiple problems….

Limited range and poor decision making skills, when the ball is actually hit to them. These are the most important skills an infielder must posses.

Heres a quick video







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One Response to Correct Infield Position

  1. Steven Myers says:

    great article!
    those turned off by baseball’s non-action
    often fail to understand how important it is
    for defenders to be focused when supposedly nothing is happening out there.
    the fact that there is so much time between action adn non action
    makes it even more important to be alert
    and this includes moving to back up to a batted ball or throw.
    craig counsell was a master at this,…always in the right place,

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