Teaching How To Run

The reason most kids are slow is because of poor mechanics.

I always say Bailey runs like he has 2×4’s on his feet”.

I also thought it was something I couldn’t fix.

But just like anything else I’ve taught, I broke out the video camera.

If you are trying to fix a mechanical flaw, you need to use video. There are things we just cant see with the naked eye. If we don’t see it, it doesn’t get fixed

So the first video Im going to show you is Bailey running. Although the video isn’t the best, it gets the point across.

Heres what were looking for……

  1. How high do the knees come up (not enough) (bad)
  2. How is his head positioned (OK)
  3. Do his arms work for him or against him (against him) (bad)
  4. Is his heel hitting the ground first (every time) (bad)
  5. How is his torso (slouching) (bad)

Now watching Bailey in slow motion, you can see that he lets too much of his weight come down with each step he takes. Basically he has too long of a stride and this forces his heel to hit first. He’s trying to throw his body forward with only his legs.

Neglecting to get the arms pumping correctly with our legs, is forcing our chest (torso) to stay back vs thrusting forward. Keeping the torso back is forcing our legs out in front of it, causing the heel first effect.

The leg making contact with the ground should be directly below us. Here is a video of 7 professional sprinters.

Now do we want our kids training like Olympic sprinters?


It will it increase our speed on the bases and the out field.

Here is one other thing it will help with.

So here is the most important drill to work with your runner.


In this drill we are working on FORM and EXPLOSION first, then increase the speed.

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1 Response to Teaching How To Run

  1. Don Barker says:

    You are absolutely right! A picture is worth a thousand words – and video is worth a thousand pictures. How can you teach a kid how to run without video.

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