The reason for this site is to have everything that I believe in, at your fingertips. The most common question I get from parents is, “what do you think about …..”?.


All the info, AND scientific reasoning behind everything I teach is right here, One click away. I have spent the last three years, reading every thing, baseball related… Stretching, hitting, throwing, science, Etc…

Every website I frequent, is in my “Blogroll”. All the websites listed there are, put together from, experts in every field, Speed, conditioning, pitching, hitting, mental, nutrition….etc. Some of them are Ex pros, or personal trainers for the pros.

In doing all of this reading over the last three years, I have realized a couple things…..

1. Everything I grew up learning, wasn’t always right!

2. EVERYTHING in baseball, has a scientific explanation

The hard part is, trying to implement, what I learn, to the masses. I have also come to realize I am not alone in the quest, to change the way baseball is played today!! If you refuse to accept that maybe what you grew up learning maybe wrong, This is your chance to log off. If you can accept the fact that pro’s aren’t doing, what we have been taught, KEEP READING, AND LEARNING!!

With the advent of slow motion replay, we can really see, what the pros are doing and what we, as players/coaches need to work on. To be the best, we need to learn from the best.

If it wasn’t for moms and dads, across this great country, stepping up and volunteering to coach, we wouldn’t have a team. So EVERY coach deserves our respect. But I’d be willing to bet, if you asked 100 coaches, why do you teach that style of… hitting, pitching, etc…? 75 of them would say “that’s what I was taught”. This answer is something, you SHOULD NOT BE OK WITH!!

A coach should ALWAYS, have a rhyme and reason for his coaching fundamentals and philosophies. Well, every coach this website is linked to has the answer. It might not be the answer you’d expect, but feel free to do your homework. I know we all have!!

Welcome to the Evolution of baseball, the way baseball is played today!

On a regular basis, I will be adding things, I feel everyone should know. Whether its articles, quotes, pictures, equipment, etc….. I ask you to chime in with, your personal opinion, review of a product, personal experience, something you would like to share or just simply, ask a question!!

Thanx for checking it out!




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