Ball players are made, Part II

Just like anything written, there will be the critics.

So after I wrote my post about ball players needing to be motivated I get an email from  a reader, saying “little leaguers” (american) want it just as bad as any other kid”.

I was a little shocked! I dont remember saying (american) little leaguers didnt want it just as bad.

I remember saying 7 out 10 would say “I want to be famous”!

That leaves three right!

Those are the kids who WANT IT!! those are the kids bustin it. Just because we may live in a better country (my opinion)  then most, doesn’t mean our individual lives are better.

After the email I did a little more digging to see what I could find.

Here it is

This is a picture of where major leaguers are from. US is the only picture map I could find.

 States Ranked by “best”  to live

DEFINITION: Livability Index by state. “To determine a state’s ‘Livability Rating,’ each state’s rankings for 44 factors were averaged. The scale is 1 to 50, the higher the number, the better. Data used are for the most recent year in which comparable numbers are available from most states. All factors were given equal weight. States with no data available for a given category were ranked based only on the remaining factors. In our book, data are listed from highest to lowest. However, for purposes of this award, we inverted rankings for those factors we determined to be ‘positive.’ Thus the state with the highest median income in the book (ranking 1st) would be given a number 50 ranking for this award.” – Morgan Quitno Press;SOURCE: Morgan Quitno Press, 2005 via StateMaster


According to the maps and my first post. The kids in the “best” states to live, may not “have to” better their life.

And just because you may not “have to” “better” your life, doesnt mean you dont “want” to.

In my opinion, it’s not necessarily where you live, but what you live with!

According the “best” states to live, How many have a pro team for the boys to grow up following, seeing live, the “tangibles”?

Its also true that the states south can play year round!!

There are good explanations behind every theory. There are always exceptions to the rules…..

But like I said in the original, a ball player needs the hunger.

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3 Responses to Ball players are made, Part II

  1. onthewayhome says:

    A really interesting article…I agree that a lot of ball players lack that hunger to succeed, they just want to have it handed to them. At least, that’s what I experienced coaching JV baseball at the college level.

    Please feel free to visit my MLB blog and share with your friends!

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