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To Be successful

I tell my players all kinds of motivational, go get ’em speeches I can think of. I always try to mix them up but these two were the most popular. “To be successful, you have to see your self being successful” “Think positive things … Continue reading

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Ball players are made, Part II

Just like anything written, there will be the critics. So after I wrote my post about ball players needing to be motivated I get an email from  a reader, saying “little leaguers” (american) want it just as bad as any … Continue reading

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I havent put anything into this page yet, but it seams like people are showing interest. It is one of the popular pages on a daily basis….. AND ITS BARE!!!! The “bragging” page is not just for me. If you … Continue reading

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Thank you and keep coming

I had been kicking the idea of this website around for quite some time. I was nervous about throwing everything I believe in, out to the the public for judgment. Nothing on this website is the “traditional” way, of looking at sports and today’s athlete. In … Continue reading

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First pitch strikes!

I have literally over 500 tips on pitching. I get some sent to me on a daily basis from Steven Ellis and I have been around the game for 30 plus years now. Im working on how to put them all in … Continue reading

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Anyone ever heard of it? Sabermetrics !! It looks cool. It even sounds cool!! But what is it??????? This is what separates the men from the boys, when breaking down stats! It takes the stats, behind the stats, and breaks down, why they … Continue reading

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