Get Yourself Recruited

I have brought this up several times and I will keep bringing it up. This is the MOST important thing we can do as parents, to get our kids noticed. Dont let the talent and all the HARD work, you and your son/daughter have done, just SLIP AWAY!

You have done everything you could do, since or before T ball, DON’T stop now.

I just received this Email from , NCSA founder and author of Athletes Wanted, Chris Krause.


Athletic Recruiting Guidebook 

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Hand Seperation

Ever see those high wire acts at the circus?

Why do they have their arms spread out, like a “T”?

Well of course for balance! We all know that!!

So why do we see SO many youth pitchers (and some major leaguers), With their arms all contorted and out of line from each other when they pitch?

UNTIL we bring our upper half towards the plate (front foot strike), our arms need to be completely symmetrical. This keeps our body in perfect balance as we are moving towards the plate. That way we’re balanced through out and then all our weight explodes towards home when we plant that foot!

We want to get hand separation at the lowest point possible. That gives our arm more of a “complete circle” and “momentum”. Look where we start with the ball (pic below). At this point its at the top of the circle and our arms are beginning the “symmetrical” movement.

Now here we are at the bottom and hand separation (pic below). We are going forward with the hips, but keeping balance by keeping our torso (weight) back (this is also a power angle).  To get the ball out of the glove, we dont “pull” it out. We just let it naturally, fall out!Here we also want that “drive leg foot”, flush with the rubber.

Now here’s the ball at 3/4 of the circle (pic below). You can see the arms are still symmetrical. I’m working on him right now with getting that glove side elbow a little higher. Right after foot strike, we want to pull that glove up into our body ( like a chicken wing).

Here is where the glove should be in that arm pit area (pic below). A couple things about this picture below. The most important thing ANY athlete needs to be, to be successful is, to be CONSISTENT. This is one of Baileys struggles. He is 95% consistent but then has moments where I think “what are you doing”.

At this point his chest should be AT LEAST above his front knee, if not in front of it. This will create that extra torque when we extend that plant leg.


Everything looks great except the glove and getting the chest out in front of that knee. Although they are minor issues, these are the issues that cost us those mph’s.

So remember.

We want the separation at the lowest part.

We want to get more of a “full circle” path, with the ball.  If you separate any sooner you will become unbalanced and you wont get a full circle arm path (cutting down your arms momentum and velocity)



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Frisbee Cricket

I saw this played at a softball tournament we were in years ago!

The softball team was hooked INSTANTLY!!

Its super cheap and easy to carry around.


  1. 4, “driveway” markers. You can find these at Menards or Home Depot for less then 2 bucks a piece
  2. 4, Plastic drinking cups. You need to have a bag of them. They will break after a couple games. Any grocery or liquor store has them for a couple bucks
  3. 1 Frisbee. Any Frisbee works. The ones you use at the beach, or throw around the park are the best. We have used Frisbee golf ones before, but their smaller and harder. When we use those ones its, Frisbee Cricket extreme, THEY HURT!!!!


You place 2 poles in the ground (Frisbee width apart, plus half an inch on each side) and place the cups, upside down, over the top. 

Then you set up the other two, the same way, about 20 -25 ft apart (horseshoe distance or so).


Two teams of two, one team on each set of poles. (The same team is guarding the same set of poles) (On the same end)


As teams alternate throws (teammates must also alternate), they try to get the Frisbee to hit the poles and knock the cup off, or go through them and not knock any cups off.

You get one point for each cup knocked off. One cup, one point. Two cups, 2 points.

If it goes through the poles, rolling or not with out knocking either cup down, you get three points.


While the offense throws at the poles, its your job to catch the cups if they fly off the struck pole (these baby’s fly off, dont think its easy). They come off faster then you can see, so body placement is key. BUT sometimes they just pop off in slow motion!! Straight up, straight down. Good luck!!

If the cup is knocked off, but you catch it, the point belongs to you, not the offense. Same scoring as offense, you catch one, one point, two, two points.

This is awesome to play. You will never see so many “grow ups” dressed nice, diving all over the place for that cup!

I did find a video to clear up any poorly explained set up. They seam a little far apart. I keep them closer for more action.

Frisbee Cricket




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Dont forget, Paul Reddick said he was going to change baseball tonight….. Stay tuned, I will be attending his clinic tonight…… I will also be posting about what was said, tomorrow or over the weekend!!

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Fire up the troops!!

Heres a couple more good battle cries!!

Some want it to happen,
Some wish it would happen,
Others make it happen.

Good. Better. Best.
Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.

There is no limit to what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit.


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We are what we eat?






One of the biggest keys to a players success, is his diet.

It turns out, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!!!

I brought this up the other night on FB.

Think about it like this!!

Lets say you work out for two hours a day, which is way too much.

So there are 168 hours in a week and your spending 14, on working out. AKA, trying to lose weight, build muscle or simply tone up.

That leaves 154 hours a weeks, we leave our body on its own, to  try and work off, everything bad, we put in it!!

What does that mean?

Two things!!!

1……We need to watch what we eat

2……We need to watch WHATS IN, what we eat.

Now here’s a MUST read from Mike Geary. This is a Great article about the foods we THINK are healthy but AREN’T!!

So called “healthy” foods

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Small Ball

Bunting is the most important part of the offense! The defense MUST respect the bunt!! Whether your a homerun hitter or not, you must be able to drop down a bunt when called upon. There are two main reasons why bunting is SO important.

1) You have to put the ball in play and make the defense work for an out. The younger you play, the harder it is for the defense to play a bunt correctly. Not enough coaches work on this. This will cause those “undisciplined” teams, to start throwing the ball all over the place. When the defense does that, I call them “snowball fights”.

2) It pulls the defense in, leaving bigger gaps  in between the outfielders and infielders, and it creates more separation from the infielders (short plays, closer to third.. second plays closer to first) leaving a huge whole up the middle…

SO, How do we drop the bunt down correctly? EASY!! Do it how ever you are comfortable AND effective!!

If picking your nose with one hand and bunting the ball with the other works, DO IT!!

If your better at holding the bat between your legs, DO IT!!

If your better while holding the bat backwards, DO IT!!

Whether you “square around” or just “pivot” your feet….GET IT DOWN!

As a coach, I dont care how you do it, as long as your successful!! Personally, I square around vs just “spinning” my feet. I do this for two reasons.







  1. Balance… A fastball low and away VS fastball, high and tight. Which player can react to both of these pitches the best? When your feet are in a line (pic on right, pivot), we will lose ALL balance, reaching outside for that pitch.
  2. Speed… Which batter gets out of the box quicker? Which way are we running? towards the mound our first base? Most people assume since we are in the position of a “sprinter” (starting block) we can get out of the box quicker. This is 100% true!! BUT, we are not running towards the mound (which is the direction, the pic on the right is facing). So you get out of the box quick, but then have to change direction to run to first. The pic on the left is already in the direction of first. We must be careful to stay inside the box though. The picture on the left, looks like he may be outside, hard to tell though.

I had three bunter’s on my summer team last year. Here are their (offensive) numbers…..

1….429 avg. 548 OB% (lefty)
2….380 avg. 483 OB%
3….244 avg. 403 OB%

ALL 3 of these players bunted about a dozen times. ALL 3 of these players reached first 90% of the time, off the bunt (speed and well placed bunts)! Now when ALL three of these players came to the plate, the defense was out of position, to defend a regular hit (when they didn’t bunt). I can recall AT LEAST a dozen hits between these 3 players, that would of played out different, if they weren’t successful at dropping down the bunt. Remember these important tips when teaching the bunt….

  1. Let the player bunt however he is comfortable, square or not. Remember, the important part of bunting, is GETTING IT DOWN.
  2. WE ONLY BUNT STRIKES!!! When you square, lay the bat horizontally across the TOP of the strike zone. Now you know anything above it is a ball, and all you have to do is squat, for the low ones.
  3. Fake bunts are a HUGE tool, when stealing bases. Its just another distraction for an “undisciplined” team and a catcher. Also, when you pull the  bat back, You should pull it back in a straight line with the catchers eyes.
  4. Bunting is a good way to break slumps. Sometimes, just making solid contact with the ball is a great hurdle for kids to jump.
  5. I have seen Joe Mauer drop em down! NO ONE is above bunting. The hitters job is to move the runner, however that may be!
  6. Drop one down when least expected. Put the defense on their heels and make them respect the bunt
  7. As important as it is to teach the bunt… We also need to teach, DEFENDING the bunt!!
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Baseball birthday cards!

I just ran across this from 365 Birthday. A very unique way of getting birthday cards. A little spendy, but arent the boyz worth it!!!

Old Baseball cards

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Evolution of baseball has joined the Facebook world. I hear if its on Facebook, its official! I will be using a new player, weekly as the profile pic. These are players, I’d love to have on any team of mine.

Jump over and “Like” Evolution of baseball

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Ezra “EZ” Baier

Ezra "EZ" Baier

These are the articles and players, I like to run into! I have been talking to his mom (and reading articles from, Highlands today,,, ETC, and she has one great ball player!

Quotes pulled

“We ran into a really good pitcher,” said Team Florida coach Dean Frazier. “He’s the best pitcher we’ve seen in a long time and you have to tip your hat to him”.

“Ezra Baier got the start on the mound for Madison Heights and again showed flashes of dominance”


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Big Talk

                                                             With Paul Reddick

                                                     January 12, 2012 9pm EST

                                      The Day We Reinvent Baseball Instruction

So I get this email today from Paul. Talk about a BOLD statement!

You can bet, I will have something to say the day after this! Stay Tuned!!

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Renegade Recipe Guide

You guys hear about the Renegade Recipe Guide?

I haven’t put any good dietary things up here in awhile……

So here ya go!

This one is from Jeff Cavaliere. There are very few guys I will listen to about health and fitness. This is one of them!!!

Check it out, here 


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Control the Chaos

As coaches, we need to sneak in some “learning” fundamentals, while the kids are having fun. The best drill in my opinion is letting hitters hit off the T, while the others field it.

I act as a pitcher for the slow rollers. I field it cleanly, then make a horrible throw into right field. Then watch the chaos!!

My best explanation of what happens next is…. “Its like throwing one banana, into a cage of 9 monkeys”. Everyone wants it and they all run around after it. Ive watched my third basemen run over to second. Ive watched my catcher run to third and Ive watched my right fielder chase the kid all the way home and the throw the ball after he’s safe.

Iv’e also seen toooooo many snowball fights, where only the hitter wins.

I’VE SEEN IT ALL (well its baseball, so I  guess you never will see it all).

Heres how you fix it!

You start wearing a leather belt and when they start to do these things, you threaten to take off your belt….haha… I did say this but it was a joke amongst us…

OK, seriously…..

You do this drill EVERY practice.

We set up the T, as a pitch inside, middle and outside (randomly).

(We hit in the order of how the boys showed up. I’ve had brothers fighting for spots, running from the car and kids showing up a half hour early, to hit first)


Dont let them cheat by moving their feet to the T. Remember we dont step to the ball. We step to the pitcher, EVERY TIME. Its not step and swing, its step THEN swing.

OK, OK, OK, back to fixing the defense!

When the ball is in play let them do their thing, UNTIL they start to lose their discipline.

Most runners “in practice”, will go for that extra base (which I always encourage, even in games). I NEVER discipline aggressive base running, regardless the outcome.

Let them do the run downs, dont think its wasting time. This is SUCH an awesome training tool for the Off and the Def.

Everyone would scream RUN DOWN!!! And everyone swarms in to cover a base. This is where you need to control the chaos. Direct them to the correct bases. Yell out “wheres my third basemen,Catcher” (remember the monkey scene).

After a couple of these you will see a big difference! More throws AHEAD of the runner VS behind. More players taking their correct spots and the base runners, playing it a little safer…..

Wanna know why the offense/defense would improve?

Because kids wanted to hit, so they would correct themselves as the play evolves, so the runner stops running. A safe runner stays on base, so he’s less likely to get into the rundowns, when the defense is improved. Now it looks more like 8 monkeys, directing one, what to do!

In every rundown we were involved in (defensively), we got EVERYONE out.

Every rundown (offensively) we were safe 7/10 time.

Off the top off my head, I would say we threw out AT LEAST, 7 runners from our outfielders. At EVERY BASE, including first and I know, 3 at home.

Got Heeem!










No cut

Here we go

Lets go over what just happened












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A couple good quotes

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
~Martin Luther King, Jr

The only ball player I have ever seen fail, is the one who refused to show up.  ~Me

Little hinges, swing big doors.~ Unknown


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Another good one from Eric

Heres another good year end review from Eric Cressey!

This one is a good one. These are the ones he said, he had the most fun writing

The best stuff that was fun to write.

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The Pitcher

Anyone who has coached or has had a child in sports, knows what emotions can do to our little ones. As a coach, theres nothing worse then having to pull a kid off the mound.
I came across this last night and have to share it with you.
The pitcher
Time has been called they meet at the mound
They all know he struggles,yet noone makes a sound
He feels like he failed let his team down
Although in this huddle only team spirit can be found
He pulls down his hat, trying to hide his tears
Trying to be mature long past his 12 years
The coach says great job… but we need to switch gears
As he steps down his friend whispers in his ear
Wipe ur tears my friend hold ur head high
We have a game to win no time left to cry
Remember last time it was you, not I
It’s my turn to help while you stand by
It’s a bond only few will ever understand
The fine line drawn between a boy and a man
As his friend walks away he holds up his hand
A sign to us all, the mound has been manned
He stands up real tall, takes his place
The pressure is strong you can see on his face
The first ball he throws right over the base
Playing for him and the friend he replaced
                                                                  Jennie Gintner Delveaux
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Under Armour

What do these players all have in common?



So what do they all have in common? Other then the fact they all played for me and are AWESOME players, they are ALL Clenching their teeth.

What does that mean?

Two bad things are happening….

First, Your putting pressure on your TM joints (temporomandibular joint), this signals your brain to release a stress hormone called Cortisol. Excess levels of cortisol, increase fatigue, decrease metabolism and reduces muscle building.

Second, The airway is restricted, reducing the amount of oxygen our body allows in.

So how do we fix this?

With a mouth guard!!

I know, I know… I thought the same thing… But then I did my research!!

There are a several company’s out now, making these “scientific” breakthroughs.

But Im a guy loyal to his brands and my brand is Under Armour.

FYI.. other brands of mine are Rawling’s and Easton.

These are the benefits of the mouth guard (copied from their video)

The benefits of the ArmourBite Mouth Wear

Improves strength – With improved airflow and less stress, ArmourBite is proven to increase strength by an average of 17% with the ArmourBite Mouthpiece and 12% with the ArmourBite Mouthguard.

Improves endurance – ArmourBite opens airways, resulting in up to 25% less lactic acid build-up after 30 minutes of intense exercise.

Speeds up reaction time – Athletes have been shown to respond faster when wearing ArmourBite. Clinical trials show improved response times to both auditory cues and visual cues.

Reduces athletic stress, fatigue, and distraction. – Excess cortisol causes stress and fatigue. ArmourBite decreases cortisol levels, so you perform better.

Reduced Impact – When the jaw suffers an impact, energy can be trans- mitted to the head, which can cause concussions. The ArmourBite Mouthguard reduces the effects of G-Force impact to the jaw by up to 20%.

As a player, I would have loved a 1%, let alone 17 or 12, increase in my ability’s. Ask the Rangers pitching staff, if they would of liked some extra energy or strength. Remember how close they were to winning the World series (TWICE)!!

I have all these links on my “equipment” page, but here they are again.

The science behind the mouth guard

Under Armour in Action

The guys who wear them

Bailey just got one from Santa, and he wears it while he works out.



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You can Quote me

The sports world is full of awesome quotes. Nothing can make you want to jump up and go fight for your team or anything for that matter, like a good quote, or catch phrase.

I have been saving quotes for awhile now and its time to start sharing them.

I dont know how often I will throw one up, but I have added a page for all of them!

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Paul Reddick. It was presented by Derek Johnson, Vanderbilt baseball coach. Not only was it the best one I’ve been a part of, but I heard an awesome quote from him. This quote will be the first one Im going to use. If there are any good ones out there you may of heard, lets hear ’em.

Since I heard it from him and he gave credit to no one, Im going to assume its his.

You dont need skill to bust your ass! Derek Johnson


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Represent yourself

One of my biggest pet peeves is a sloucher!










There are two reasons why the picture on the left drives me NUTZ!!!

Intimidation is number 1.

Which pitcher looks more confident? Which one would you rather hit against?

Intimidation is HUGE when it comes to sports. As a pitcher more then any one else, you have to have the mind set of “my shit doesn’t stink”! You have to KNOW that you are the better player. Heres my stuff, try and hit it!

When a hitter sees a struggling pitcher, they become more confident and ready to jump on the pitchers mistake.

A pitcher cant let his emotions be seen. This goes for a hitter as well. A confident pitcher can see when the batter is in there knocking his knees, praying he doesn’t get a fastball in the mid section!

Be the more confident of the two. Puff out that chest and let it be know, that it is your plate….

Oh yeah , I had two reasons!!

The core is number 2.

Everyone always ask’s me, “whats the best core exercise”.

Its so simple and it can be done by anyone with out a sweat!








SIT UP!!!!!!!!!

Look at this picture here for example. EVERY kid but one is slouched over the table. The lone one sitting correctly, was only doing it for this one shot. I have some within seconds of this and they are all slouched.

At this point the core is completely inactive. Sit up!! make the core active!!

Whether its sitting at your desk all day, sitting down for dinner at night, or just simply standing around.




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The definition of luck to me is:

When preparation meets opportunity!

Very few times in any sport, will you see something that is pure luck.

In baseball, unless the ball is hit into your glove with out you moving it, it was more preparation then luck.

You always see those kids who make a sweep with their glove or jump and snag it out of the air and you instantly think “lucky” or “happy birthday” or my favorite “Nice Catch, you should of seen it”…..

But in all reality, at some point this kid has prepared himself to react to these.

Put two 10 year olds out there.

1 of them has never even put on a glove.

1 of them is a ball player.

You hit both of them, 10 VERY hard hit balls.

I would bet my next paycheck that the kid who’s never been there wont get any of them. The ball player will get some.


The ball player has prepared! Depending on how well the ball player has prepared, will be how “Lucky” some of those catches are!!

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