Another Tip from Mike Geary

Heres one where he takes on Diabetes!! If you know someone who is or you are diabetic yourself, This may interest you to know…..

I will let Mike take it from here

If you missed the newsletter the other day, we were talking about the controversy with Paula Deen announcing her type 2 diabetes (and the conflicts of interest with that) and also how their recommendations on her show to make her dishes more diabetic friendly actually made no sense.  You can read that controversial post here if you missed it.

As I alluded to in that post, most people are quite confused at how to modify recipes to be better for blood sugar control and for diabetics.  Most times, people end up trying to reduce the fat in a recipe which is not the enemy in this case.  Sugar and other forms of fast digested carbohydrates are the REAL enemy.

Substituting apple sauce instead of butter or oil is NOT doing anyone any blood sugar favors… in fact it goes directly against what you’re trying to accomplish by adding EXTRA carbs, plus just ends up producing a dessert that doesn’t taste nearly as good.

…Nor does substituting egg whites for whole eggs accomplish anything either.  Especially considering that the egg yolks are the most nutrient dense part of the egg, and that the healthy fats and other micronutrients in egg yolks can help to control blood sugar levels.

I’ve recently gotten to know an amazing healthy chef named Kelley Herring, and she knows how to make some really rich delicious desserts, but in a MUCH healthier, low sugar, low carbohydrate, higher fiber, higher protein method…

Better yet, all of Kelley’s delicious recipes are gluten-free and excellent for diabetics!

Here’s just a small taste of some of Kelley’s incredibly delicious dessert recipes that are perfect for diabetics and gluten-free:

* healthy chocolate chip cookies
* healthy carrot cake cupcakes
* healthy flourless chocolate cake
* healthy cheesecake with berries
* healthy chocolate coconut truffles
* healthy cranberry pecan muffins
* healthy poundcake (with 10 grams of protein per serving!)
* healthy espresso chocolate mousse
* healthy mint chip ice cream
* healthy creme brulee

Try out Kelley’s rich delicious healthy desserts here – you won’t be disappointed!

Also, if you missed my post a couple weeks ago about the delicious high protein, high fiber ice cream, I’ve been experimenting with lately, make sure to check it out…

Try this rich creamy high-protein, high fiber “flat belly” ice cream


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