Hand Seperation

Ever see those high wire acts at the circus?

Why do they have their arms spread out, like a “T”?

Well of course for balance! We all know that!!

So why do we see SO many youth pitchers (and some major leaguers), With their arms all contorted and out of line from each other when they pitch?

UNTIL we bring our upper half towards the plate (front foot strike), our arms need to be completely symmetrical. This keeps our body in perfect balance as we are moving towards the plate. That way we’re balanced through out and then all our weight explodes towards home when we plant that foot!

We want to get hand separation at the lowest point possible. That gives our arm more of a “complete circle” and “momentum”. Look where we start with the ball (pic below). At this point its at the top of the circle and our arms are beginning the “symmetrical” movement.

Now here we are at the bottom and hand separation (pic below). We are going forward with the hips, but keeping balance by keeping our torso (weight) back (this is also a power angle).  To get the ball out of the glove, we dont “pull” it out. We just let it naturally, fall out!Here we also want that “drive leg foot”, flush with the rubber.

Now here’s the ball at 3/4 of the circle (pic below). You can see the arms are still symmetrical. I’m working on him right now with getting that glove side elbow a little higher. Right after foot strike, we want to pull that glove up into our body ( like a chicken wing).

Here is where the glove should be in that arm pit area (pic below). A couple things about this picture below. The most important thing ANY athlete needs to be, to be successful is, to be CONSISTENT. This is one of Baileys struggles. He is 95% consistent but then has moments where I think “what are you doing”.

At this point his chest should be AT LEAST above his front knee, if not in front of it. This will create that extra torque when we extend that plant leg.


Everything looks great except the glove and getting the chest out in front of that knee. Although they are minor issues, these are the issues that cost us those mph’s.

So remember.

We want the separation at the lowest part.

We want to get more of a “full circle” path, with the ball.  If you separate any sooner you will become unbalanced and you wont get a full circle arm path (cutting down your arms momentum and velocity)



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