Frisbee Cricket

I saw this played at a softball tournament we were in years ago!

The softball team was hooked INSTANTLY!!

Its super cheap and easy to carry around.


  1. 4, “driveway” markers. You can find these at Menards or Home Depot for less then 2 bucks a piece
  2. 4, Plastic drinking cups. You need to have a bag of them. They will break after a couple games. Any grocery or liquor store has them for a couple bucks
  3. 1 Frisbee. Any Frisbee works. The ones you use at the beach, or throw around the park are the best. We have used Frisbee golf ones before, but their smaller and harder. When we use those ones its, Frisbee Cricket extreme, THEY HURT!!!!


You place 2 poles in the ground (Frisbee width apart, plus half an inch on each side) and place the cups, upside down, over the top. 

Then you set up the other two, the same way, about 20 -25 ft apart (horseshoe distance or so).


Two teams of two, one team on each set of poles. (The same team is guarding the same set of poles) (On the same end)


As teams alternate throws (teammates must also alternate), they try to get the Frisbee to hit the poles and knock the cup off, or go through them and not knock any cups off.

You get one point for each cup knocked off. One cup, one point. Two cups, 2 points.

If it goes through the poles, rolling or not with out knocking either cup down, you get three points.


While the offense throws at the poles, its your job to catch the cups if they fly off the struck pole (these baby’s fly off, dont think its easy). They come off faster then you can see, so body placement is key. BUT sometimes they just pop off in slow motion!! Straight up, straight down. Good luck!!

If the cup is knocked off, but you catch it, the point belongs to you, not the offense. Same scoring as offense, you catch one, one point, two, two points.

This is awesome to play. You will never see so many “grow ups” dressed nice, diving all over the place for that cup!

I did find a video to clear up any poorly explained set up. They seam a little far apart. I keep them closer for more action.

Frisbee Cricket




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