We are what we eat?






One of the biggest keys to a players success, is his diet.

It turns out, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!!!

I brought this up the other night on FB.

Think about it like this!!

Lets say you work out for two hours a day, which is way too much.

So there are 168 hours in a week and your spending 14, on working out. AKA, trying to lose weight, build muscle or simply tone up.

That leaves 154 hours a weeks, we leave our body on its own, to  try and work off, everything bad, we put in it!!

What does that mean?

Two things!!!

1……We need to watch what we eat

2……We need to watch WHATS IN, what we eat.

Now here’s a MUST read from Mike Geary. This is a Great article about the foods we THINK are healthy but AREN’T!!

So called “healthy” foods

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