The Pitcher

Anyone who has coached or has had a child in sports, knows what emotions can do to our little ones. As a coach, theres nothing worse then having to pull a kid off the mound.
I came across this last night and have to share it with you.
The pitcher
Time has been called they meet at the mound
They all know he struggles,yet noone makes a sound
He feels like he failed let his team down
Although in this huddle only team spirit can be found
He pulls down his hat, trying to hide his tears
Trying to be mature long past his 12 years
The coach says great job… but we need to switch gears
As he steps down his friend whispers in his ear
Wipe ur tears my friend hold ur head high
We have a game to win no time left to cry
Remember last time it was you, not I
It’s my turn to help while you stand by
It’s a bond only few will ever understand
The fine line drawn between a boy and a man
As his friend walks away he holds up his hand
A sign to us all, the mound has been manned
He stands up real tall, takes his place
The pressure is strong you can see on his face
The first ball he throws right over the base
Playing for him and the friend he replaced
                                                                  Jennie Gintner Delveaux
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