You can Quote me

The sports world is full of awesome quotes. Nothing can make you want to jump up and go fight for your team or anything for that matter, like a good quote, or catch phrase.

I have been saving quotes for awhile now and its time to start sharing them.

I dont know how often I will throw one up, but I have added a page for all of them!

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Paul Reddick. It was presented by Derek Johnson, Vanderbilt baseball coach. Not only was it the best one I’ve been a part of, but I heard an awesome quote from him. This quote will be the first one Im going to use. If there are any good ones out there you may of heard, lets hear ’em.

Since I heard it from him and he gave credit to no one, Im going to assume its his.

You dont need skill to bust your ass! Derek Johnson


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