Represent yourself

One of my biggest pet peeves is a sloucher!










There are two reasons why the picture on the left drives me NUTZ!!!

Intimidation is number 1.

Which pitcher looks more confident? Which one would you rather hit against?

Intimidation is HUGE when it comes to sports. As a pitcher more then any one else, you have to have the mind set of “my shit doesn’t stink”! You have to KNOW that you are the better player. Heres my stuff, try and hit it!

When a hitter sees a struggling pitcher, they become more confident and ready to jump on the pitchers mistake.

A pitcher cant let his emotions be seen. This goes for a hitter as well. A confident pitcher can see when the batter is in there knocking his knees, praying he doesn’t get a fastball in the mid section!

Be the more confident of the two. Puff out that chest and let it be know, that it is your plate….

Oh yeah , I had two reasons!!

The core is number 2.

Everyone always ask’s me, “whats the best core exercise”.

Its so simple and it can be done by anyone with out a sweat!








SIT UP!!!!!!!!!

Look at this picture here for example. EVERY kid but one is slouched over the table. The lone one sitting correctly, was only doing it for this one shot. I have some within seconds of this and they are all slouched.

At this point the core is completely inactive. Sit up!! make the core active!!

Whether its sitting at your desk all day, sitting down for dinner at night, or just simply standing around.




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5 Responses to Represent yourself

  1. Joy says:

    I agree. It even makes you feel better when you have good posture.

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  3. Money says:

    Im a terrible offender of this myself while sitting!! I can feel it on my back

  4. So true, body language is more important than actual language, in baseball and in life.

    Nice post! 🙂

    • Money says:

      Thanx! I cant stand people who slouch! To me, it just shows a lack of self confidence and weakness. I have a buddy who drags his knuckles, he slouches so bad.

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