The definition of luck to me is:

When preparation meets opportunity!

Very few times in any sport, will you see something that is pure luck.

In baseball, unless the ball is hit into your glove with out you moving it, it was more preparation then luck.

You always see those kids who make a sweep with their glove or jump and snag it out of the air and you instantly think “lucky” or “happy birthday” or my favorite “Nice Catch, you should of seen it”…..

But in all reality, at some point this kid has prepared himself to react to these.

Put two 10 year olds out there.

1 of them has never even put on a glove.

1 of them is a ball player.

You hit both of them, 10 VERY hard hit balls.

I would bet my next paycheck that the kid who’s never been there wont get any of them. The ball player will get some.


The ball player has prepared! Depending on how well the ball player has prepared, will be how “Lucky” some of those catches are!!

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