Not done yet!

I just wanted to thank everyone who comes here!

This is the 7th week since the first post and as of right now,

1037 people have come here. That breaks down to

148 per week

21 per day.

And its steadily growing!!!!

The traffic coming to this site has far exceeded any expectations I had, when I was kicking the idea around, of even starting this. I just want to help the parents and players have everything, I wish I had when I grew up.

The photo above is everything I have been working on over the last year. If your a player or parent of mine, you have seen these yellow envelopes  and probably these binders at one time or another.

I would find something I learned and make it into a PDF so I could save it for the kids or questioning parents. Spending all last year in the gym and batting cage, I was handing out information left and right and answering questions from concerned parents.

Now I can just put everything on here and stop the folders from piling up! Kinda!!!

This kind of blog is set up as an open forum for comments.


Some parents or kids may feel like they have a stupid question and don’t want it out there publicly. In turn, this results in me  getting personal emails daily from parents across the country (globe even, I talk to someone from Australia on a regular basis) asking for advice or my opinion.

I have NO PROBLEM with the personal emails.

This was a joke with another coach over the summer. I said “if I don’t replie to an email within 10 minutes, call 911. somethings wrong). (its also true…haha)

So keep sending emails or comment or just keep coming and reading!

Thanx again and have a grrrrrrrrreat new year




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