Dr Who?

If anybody remembers the article on long toss you should remeber one of the names I mentioned in it!

James Andrews! The name ring a bell?

Why am I bringing this up now?

If anybody follows football, then you know what happened to my beloved Vikings over the weekend. We lost the number one running back in football due to ACL and MCL damage.

So we all know Adrian Peterson is the best RB in football. After that being said, he is surrounded by the best doctors, trainers and surgeons..etc around. So if your that important, money ISN’T an option, your career is on the line…… who do you have fix it?

Nobody but James Andrews!!!

So if this “James Andrews” guy, is smart enough and respected enough to work with the top athletes in their perspective sport, dont you want him giving you information on your sons arm?

I thought so!

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