Power of Touch!

After you watch this, I will give you the reason I brought it up!!








The most important thing on any team of mine is, camaraderie.

If the team doesn’t play as a whole, They aren’t worth a whole lot!

I have been on dozens of teams through out every sport and NOT once, did I like EVERYONE on the team. Its just the way it is, there’s always that one guy!!

What can you do about it?

Accept it and move on! I may not like him at school, or work, or where ever, but I need him right now, when the game starts.

With out him by my side, or vice versa, we are just individuals.

I have always said “strength in numbers” and it is never more true, then when it comes to a “team” sport (winners VS losers). Whether he needs to be “picked up” or I need a “pick me up”, in between the lines, were teammates.

Now back to the butt slapping!!

I’m a butt slapper!! Anytime someone does something good, they get one. The wifey and boy get them around the clock! haha

Whether its a but slap, high five or bumping knuckles, I have always believed in some sort of acknowledgement, other then just saying “good job”.

The funny part about this is, the Wall Street journal wrote an article about this very topic, over the summer. This is a must read, for any coach or player in the game, ANY game!

The power of the High Five



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