The farthest throw baseball was thrown…..


Who has the Longest Baseball Throw on record?
*hint (It was a Canadian)

In 1957, after a running start, the ball left his arm at an estimated 120 MPH. He was a Canadian minor leaguer, who had a three year stint in the Majors from 1955 – 1957 still holds the record. The baseball covered a total of 445 feet 10 inches before hitting the ground and breaking the old record of 445 feet 1 inches set in 1956 by Don Grate.
Who Done It? Glen Edward Gorbous, Born on July 8 1930 in Drumheller, Alberta, The man with the canon was 6 foot 2 inches tall and weighted in at a modest 175lbs. SO weight had nothing to do with it. He threw right and batted left.
He Broke into the show just before the 1950 season in an unknown transaction with the Brooklyn Dodgers later to be traded, November 22, 1954 and drafted by the Cincinnati Redlegs in the 1954 rule V draft.

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