Who’s on First?

I can never hear say someone say “who’s on (any position)”? Without answering, “no, who’s on first”.

This was old when I grew up. I introduced it to the wifey and the boy for the first time a year ago.

Please keep passing this along! It can never die!


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2 Responses to Who’s on First?

  1. TheTaoOfD says:

    Love this! There’s a baseball card store by my house called “Who’s On First” actually! Based off this, of course. I use to buy all my baseball, football and basketball cards when I was younger and collected. Hahaha those were the days. The little league football and baseball days!

    • Money says:

      My son got all my “good ones”. Hes got quite the collection now. Having a son gives me the opportunity to live little league twice!

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