Utility Player

My definition of a TRUE utility player:

As a coach, I feel comfortable putting him ANYWHERE in the field. A player like this is worth his weight in gold! He would be the first player I would take for ANY team!

The fist time I remember hearing the term “utility player” would have to be when we had Denny Hocking. Its not a household name if your not from the central division, But if your a twins fan, you knew his importance.

I hate the hat, but the stat proves my point!

With that being said!!!! As a Twinz fan born and raised, I have seen better dayz! I have been dreading this day for weeks now.

Its a sad day for a Twinz fan.

GOOD BYE CUDDY!! Were gonna miss ya!

Rookie year '98

This guy is the true definition of “utility” player. Over the last couple years, we have watched him hold his own at every position he was asked to play, he even stood on the rubber for us this year.

In the 13 years he has been sported the jersey, I have never heard one bad thing about this guy. I proud to say I have even shaken his hand.

The Rockies are one of the luckiest teams this off season, other then the New York Angels of Anaheim.

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