Earn your keep!

These were the two questions asked to me this past summer.

Why arent kids playing every position and when are you going to switch up the batting order.

My answer! When they EARN it!!!


Your spot on the feild and in the batting order is EARNED, not given. I dont give any of my players, anything they dont deserve. You have practices and games to prove your worth, I feild teams to win. We are in a competitive league. When we stop keeping score, then I wont worry about the lineup and the batting order.

Whether your my son or someone I really dont like, Im going to put you in the lineup where I feel you help the TEAM. Baseball is the only team sport, where it comes down to one player vs one player, pitcher VS hitter.

I had kids who devoted ALL winter to better themselves for the upcoming season. In no way, shape or form was I going to to have them watch other kids “try” to pitch, catch or hit lead off or clean up, because they wanted to or their parents wanted them to.

Here is a letter I received from a parent last summer. It really got to me!!


I just wanted to let you know with all the flack you’ve been getting from some of the parents, that we are behind you 100%. I think you’ve had a bulls eye on your back since day one and no matter what happened, someone would have found fault with your coaching. Everyone would agree that this is not community ed. baseball, as long as their kid is playing shortstop and batting third. There in lies the problem, if little Johny is struggling at batting, it is not because he is batting lower in the lineup. One of the greatest things about baseball is it does not discriminate, you can be someone small in stature, or any skin color, you will get your chance to succeed, it’s what you do with your chance. You earn your place in the lineup or the position you play on the field. What is more fair than that? It’s the American way, that’s why it’s called the American past time. I know you have strong beliefs, you have to stay true to that if you never coach again because of this, go out doing it your way. If our son needs to bat lower in the order or has to play a position he doesn’t like we will take care of that at home and make him understand that’s part of being a team player. Just keep in mind you do have parents pulling for you no matter what happens.

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