Get in the Zone!

I have been throwing some mental things up lately because to me, it’s the most important thing to overcome. You have to have your mind right, to achieve your maximum potential

One of the best ways I have found to help me “get in the zone”, is to listen to a song or play it to myself in my head.

If anybody has ever heard of Jack Nicklaus ( I hope so ), he replays a song in his head, just before a tough situation.

Want to know the song? Of course you do!!!

!!Moon River!!

I know, I know… Not much of a pick me up…. BUT it works for him!!!

To me, I want a little more upbeat tempo……

I go with some Thunderstruck!! Nothing gets me in the mood, more than this tune!!

You have to find something, whatever it is, that makes you “RELAX”, or “GO GET SOME”!!

Whether its picturing yourself in your “happy place” or listening to a song, you must have something that helps you escape the mental drain of the situation.


When we do mound visits, to calm down our pitchers, the best way to help them relax is to make them laugh. I avoid pointing something funny out that may be in the crowd. Then they have the tendency to keep looking and get off track. Just remember a stupid little joke or a funny story between the two of you. When you go out to the mound and say something completely un expected, the pitcher WILL laugh… I promise!!

Then hammer down the task at hand. Too many young pitchers consider the walk to the mound as, one step closer to getting yanked, Then you really see them struggle.

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