Ball players are made?

Absolutely NOT!!!!

Baseball players are born, champions are made!

I heard a quote from a pro ball player, you might of heard of him, Joe Dimaggio…..

Here it is

A ball player’s got to be kept hungry to become a big-leaguer.  That’s why no boy from a rich family ever made the big leagues.  ~Joe DiMaggio.

If you actually think about what his quote is saying, he couldn’t be more right.

Now take a minute and think about this. Name a place where you will find the most upcoming prospects……..

(Jeopardy music)

What is the number one place?

San Pedro de Macoris (Dominican Republic).

Now I hope your thinking why!

This will bring you back to the quote from the famous “Yankee clipper”.

Players must be kept HUNGRY!!!

If you ask 10, little leaguers, Why do they want to play in the pros, I’d be willing to bet, AT LEAST 7 of them will say ” I wanna be famous” or because “I’m good at at”.

Now bring the same question, south of the US border. Now you will hear 7 kids say “I want a better life”!!

To the less fortunate, baseball or any other sport, is a way OUT! A way to a better life!! A way to take care of their family’s.

This gives those athletes a bigger drive. More motivation!!!

So I’m going to ask……

What drives you?




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