Practice makes perfect!


Can anyone give me the name of a perfect athlete?

Nobody? Not one?

Thats because they dont exist!! Nobody has ever done enough practice to be perfect.

So why do we say it? Are we setting up kids for failure, right out of the gate.

There is one thing I have learned from coaching young players. Im going to hopefully, save you some headaches with this.

We need to change our vocabulary to the audience we are talking to.

When you are giving your speech to the team or an individual, you need to read their eyes. What are they saying?

“I get it coach” or “Im going to say I get it, so I dont look stupid”.

When your telling Billy Bagadonuts, to lead with his hip, when he pitches, he probably has no idea how to do this. After telling him the importance of forward momentum and that he needs to improve his power angle, he’s going to say “OK”. But he will have no idea how to accomplish this.

Now this is where we just say, “lift your but, gravity will take over”. Now he knows why to do it and how.

When we want that front arm of the hitter to make that nice finishing upwards swing. Instead of telling them to raise their humerus bone, Have them imagine, throwing a Frisbee.

There needs to be a quick and easy way to remember instructions in the learning process for kids, myself as well. I need to see something getting done. You can tell me 1000 times or show me once, OK, maybe twice! So we need to have something short and simple to shout to them in a game situation, when we see them struggling.

They are called “cues”. A simple phrase or word to let them remember, what needs to be done. Find the ones that work for you AND the player. Remember, every kid is different.

NOW!!! Heres your NEW $ IMPROVED, practice slogan!

Practice makes PERMANENT!!

We can practice all day, every day, forever…. But if we are practicing bad fundamentals, or practicing lazily we will never see progress. We will carry what we practice to the game. Ever heard the phrase, we play like we practice??

Remember make practice count and remember it wont make you perfect, it will make it permanent!

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6 Responses to Practice makes perfect!

  1. love this site – it’s a great blog – may i suggest you get an rss feed.
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  2. Money says:

    And thank you!!

  3. TheTaoOfD says:

    If I had to name the closest athlete there is to being “perfect”, I’d have to say Tom Brady…..and I’m a DIE-HARD NY Jets fan. I know he isn’t 100% but do you know why he is so good? Practice. Experience.

    Cool post.

    • Money says:

      Im a vikings fan (supporter, this year) !!

      I agree with Brady. I also believe he owes Belichick for a lot. I’m a firm believer that we are a bi product of our surroundings.

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