Thank you and keep coming

I had been kicking the idea of this website around for quite some time. I was nervous about throwing everything I believe in, out to the the public for judgment.

Nothing on this website is the “traditional” way, of looking at sports and today’s athlete.

In my quest to make Bailey the best he can possibly be, I had to throw out ALL the conventional wisdom I knew.

The truth is in the science and not what we were taught growing up. With the internet at everyone’s finger tips, coaching and sports have completely changed.

Im proud to say, that this site has gotten OVER 400 hits, in its first 21 days….

Wooooo whoooooo!! Way more then I had anticipated

Im not even close to breaking the surface and busting myths about today’s athletes and baseball. There is so much untapped knowledge out there and I will continue my hunt and keep bringing it to you!

So thank you for reading and your continued support.

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