Know the rules

As far as coaching is concerned, you need to know the rules.

Im a BIG fan of catching other teams off guard. The easiest way to accomplish this is to, KNOW ALL THE RULES!!!

There are different rules for different ages and sometimes, tournaments have their own rules. Get to know these. Most are always the same but some may be different, as far as what kind of bats, sliding etc!!

After learning and knowing the rules, now you have a heads up and an advantage to when “weird” things can happen in a game. Instead of three people looking confused (you, other coach, and ump), now there is only two (other coach, ump).

Remember, umps call games at all levels, different leagues and rules.  ALWAYS have a copy of your specific age and league rule book, to show the ump when discrepancies arise!

I will be adding some weird things that have come up, and I will also be posting, advantages to use in games, that catches other teams off guard!

This first one was sent to me form my assistant coach this summer. the funny part is, when I explained it to my team, some of the players went home to watch the college world series and it happened in the game. They were proud to say, they just learned this at practice.


 This might be useful at sometime during the season!
Situation sent in today: Person on third gets in a hotbox and the runner on first advances to third. If the person in the hotbox goes back to third and now there are two players occupying third who is out. Words of wisdom:
The first play and/or the second player is not out just by being on base together.  A smart defensive player would tag the first player first, and then tag the second player second.   The second player coming from first should also be tagged because the first player (unless forced to advance) has the right to the base.  The reason you tag the first player first is if the first player thinks he is out because he was tagged first instead of the second player first he might leave the base thinking he is out.  If the the first player leaves the base he should be tagged a second time, which will actually be the third tag, while off the base and you will get a three tag double play…..unless of course the umpire screws up and calls first player out first instead of the second player out first.  That should clear that play up.  Reminds me  a little of Abbott and Costello.

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