Me myself and I

I have had to deal with this way to much this past season.

My goal to building players is, to help them understand that they are there for the team and the team is not there for them.

This email was sent to me this morning from Paul Reddick. Its the exact thing I have tried to explain to my players and their parents.

The ultimate TEAM player isnt concerned about individual awards. His goal is to help the team be successful, HOWEVER THAT MAY BE!!

Here is a perfect list of what it takes to be a champion!!!!

Losers look to blame
Winners take responsibility

Losers look at the scoreboard
Winners look at how hard they played

Losers get knocked down
Winners get up

Losers want to get credit for the win
Winners just want to win no matter who gets credit

Losers want to strike everyone out
Winners just want to get hitters out

Losers look for cheap ways to learn
Winners invest in their education

Losers want awards
Winners want championships

Losers think stats
Winners think team record

Losers are afraid
Winners have courage

Losers are skeptical
Winners go for it

Losers like to talk about what they are going to do
Winners are too busy doing it

Which are you?

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