Im being watched

So I posted an article about The Core, last week and I wake up to email from Eric Cressey about core exercises. I didnt know if it was a coincidence or not.

So I posted an article about Pickle juice, the other day. What do I wake up to the next morning? An article telling me milk, may have better recovery results and have better things for you then the typical sports drink. They really grabbed my attention when they threw the word “science” at me. They must know Im a sucker for scientific truth

Now I know I’m being watched!!!!

Its a win a win!!! They get free advertisement through here and we all learn something… Or its just coincidence… Either way, its good for us!

Now you cant just read one article and think its gold. You must do your homework. READ THE LABELS, remember, Battle of the bars?

Now here is a free promo…..

Sports shake

I have been drinking these bad boys since I was using fat crayons (long time) haha…..  These are awesome! I buy one before any sports event. Weather Im playing or coaching. I have terrible anxiety before ANY competition. I dont eat before I leave the house, so I stop by a gas station and grab one of these and a banana and it fills me up for 2-3 hours. ALWAYS chocolate but strawberry will do when chocolates out. Vanilla? who likes vanilla? I have never tried it or will… If you know me, you know Im picky!!!


Heres your Milk Science.

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2 Responses to Im being watched

  1. Joy says:

    Vanilla is all there should be 🙂

  2. Money says:

    Ick!!!!! you know me and you know better!!! 🙂

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