First pitch strikes!

I have literally over 500 tips on pitching. I get some sent to me on a daily basis from Steven Ellis and I have been around the game for 30 plus years now. Im working on how to put them all in one place but there are soooo many…. Until I find a place, I will throw them up here.

The first one here is from Steven Ellis. We all know how important it is, to get ahead with a first pitch strike. Steven has broken down some of the numbers and it just reinforces the fact, THAT A FIRST PITCH STRIKE can decide the outcome in a pitchers favor!!! I have tons of numbers to reinforce the fact but heres a quick one!

Get ahead early in the count. Did you know that 90 
percent of first pitch strikes are taken for a strike 
or result in an out? Putting the ball in play on the 
first pitch is not a ticket to success for most hitters. 
Ninety percent of the time when a pitcher throws a 
strike on the first pitch of an at-bat, the hitter either 
takes it (and finds himself down in the count) or 
puts it in play for an out. Of the 10 percent of first 
pitch strikes that are successfully turned into hits, 
75 percent are singles. Does it need repeating? 
Throw strikes!  

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