Say What?

This website is called the Evolution of baseball, for reasons like this post.

Todays athletes will do whatever it takes, to get a step ahead of the competition. This includes things we put in our body. Simple training just doesnt cut it anymore for the athlete who wants to take their game to the next level. We are hearing and seeing more athletes spend more time in the kitchen “so to speak”.

What we PUT, into our body is more important then what we, DO with our body!!

What is the “goal” of things we eat and drink? To replenish things we have lost, or to counter act things our body’s have created, from all the hard work it has done!!!

Heres a simple quick list of examples, from Brent at Top Velocity

Apple Cider Vinegar – Poor this into a glass of water and drink it everyday. Especially after a workout or game. This will prevent muscle fatigue after exercise and support a health immune system. It also supports an alkaline diet.

Alka-Seltzer – Take this immediately after a workout or a game. This will help flush your body of lactic acid and speed the recovery process. This has aspirin so DO NOT exceed the recommended dosage.

Honey – Researches have proved that carbohydrates and proteins help to recover muscle after energetic weight training. The latest research proves that honey can generate the best effect among lots of carbohydrate.

Amino Acids – Amino Acids are the building blocks of your muscles. This means in recovery you need to provide your body with these blocks for it to rebuild.

BUT WAIT!!! Theres more!!!

Heres the “new kid on the block”……. to us!!!

Pickle juice! yes, PICKLE JUICE!!!!

Sodium is a component of sweat. So now when we sweat, we know we lose, at least two things, Electrolytes and sodium.

So how do we replace them? PICKLE JUICE!!!

here’s the article and who uses it!!

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