I Gotta Guy!!!

Actually, I have several!! I have a guy in every category you can think of when it comes to anything sports related.

Heres a good one, from my “speed” guy, Alex Maroko (the truth about Quickness). He specializes in basketball and speed.  He sends out, quite the variety of stuff and the one today is about fasting. The best thing you can get from Alex is that, even if your born slow, you can change that. Quickness CAN be taught.

Could eating less help you build MORE muscle?
New Research says, “Yes.” Learn more here:
 “Intermittent Fasting” has become really popular
the last few yearsin the athletic community, in large
part thanks to my good friend Brad Pilon’s rebellious book,
“Eat Stop Eat”.
Now, Brad’s prescription for “intermittent fasting”
in the book is exactly as the title describes..
You’re supposed to eat, then fast for a little bit,
and then go back to eating normal.
(His exact prescriptions and special little details
to make intermittent fasting work even better
are all in the book, which you should read…
I’ve read it 3 times myself in the last year, learning
something new every time).
So does it work?
I do it myself all the time, and have seen great results from it.
What are the benefits?
Well to me, it’s about more fat-burning going on ’round the clock,
less money to spend on groceries and better nutrient partitioning
(meaning your foods go into the muscles instead of the fat cells,
as good ‘ol Ronnie Coleman would say, heh).
Of course, these are all things you WANT  to maximize
as a hard-training athlete..
Brad’s the expert on that, check out what
he has to say about it here (like I said,
I’m always sure to fast myself one day a week):
Hope that helps you out man.
I’m out like a fat guy trying to steal second 🙂
-Coach Alex
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