Hots for bats!

I know, you know the movie! But did you ever think you would see the day, someone makes a “bat cover/warmer”!!!

I have gotten this product, brought to my attention over the last two years. I have never looked into it, until today. Its cyber Monday, so I had to check out, at least one of the “SUPER” deals, I couldn’t afford to miss or live with out!!

I do like the idea. After spending upwards of 250 dollars, on a little league bat, The only thing I want to see it hit, is a baseball. Having a 10 year old, or 13 of them at once, you know it isnt easy!!

Most bat bags, have the bat “pocket” on the bottom. Major flaw! Most kids show up and just throw their bag, on the cement dug out floor.

The back pack style, Ive come to like. The barrel is in the pouch (on the side), so even if your bag tips over, there’s no affect, to the bat.

The price is affordable (39.97), but not quite cheap enough for me. When money becomes no object, I will have at least two of these.

See for yourself

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