Kinetic chain

There are many new “BUZZ” words, floating around the baseball world today. The “kinetic chain”, is mostly heard in pitching, but it is just as important in hitting as well. Its actually needed in anything, that involves moving our body, so you might want to perk up the ears on this one!

The nutshell is simple. Get your kinetic chain working!

Easy right!

I guess easy once you can understand what it is!!

It took a lot of digging, reading and asking questions and I still couldn’t figure out. If people are selling programs, they want you to buy the answer.

With the internet, Im not buying anything I can read for free. So, I started digging….. And found, the explanation that made the best sense to me.

It all begins with the torso. If you read the article about the Core, and took the core challenge, you will understand that the torso is in charge. Our legs and arms just, do what their told. The trick is getting them to work together!

For the best answer to what the Kinetic Chain is, Im going to send you over to, Natural hitting again. What is the Kinetic Chain

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