Back aches????

Baseball Parents & Coaches:

A new device is becoming popular with baseball parents and coaches called the Ball Stack™. This simple device eliminates bending to pick up baseballs and can be used in the batting cage or on the field.ac2ea104-0492-4ff4-bff7-d49ea63ab1b7

It makes a great end-of-season gift for coaches and a unique Christmas gift for anyone who helps at BP or in the cages.

Manufactured and distributed by Adams USA.

Thank you,
Ball Stack Team or (mobile)
More Batting. Less Bending.

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2 Responses to Back aches????

  1. Money says:

    This thing holds 12 baseballs (not that much, in my opinion)

    This is something that just isn’t worth my money (29bucks). HOWEVER!! At the moment, I have no serious back injury’s.

  2. Joy says:

    It’s kind of cool though and if it saves your back, I’d give it a try. It’s cheap enough.

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